When James isn't taking pictures, he can be found... wait, he's always taking pictures.
Ok, in those rare moments when he isn't seen with camera in hand - he loves wrestling with his 5 young children and spending time with his beautiful wife Bethany. He enjoys working full-time as a Mechanical Engineer with a great team at Flowserve Corporation, and finds a lot of satisfaction in the challenge and creative artistry of photography.

He isn't out in the Rocky Mountains nearly enough, and usually has to rely on the 8th day of the week to backpack, mountain bike, snow ski, and ride his motorcycle through the canyons. Traveling the world is reserved for the 25th month of the year.

But more frequently, he would like to be found playing soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, or getting lost in a good book. He enjoys ballroom dancing with his wife, and has plans to code several iPhone apps. He will also succeed in putting his CJ-5 jeep back together one day.

He is fluent in Italian, likes to cook. And was definitely a professional motorsports road-racer in another life.